SAMVEGA: our name comes from a Bhuddist term which describes the feelings that arise in an individual when they realise the need to make a profound change in the way they live their life, in particular, towards a more conscious and ethical one.

Our Story

Picture this: two very stiff and inexperienced guys (called Josh and Bruno) are joined by a yoga teacher to do an acro yoga pose in a studio in Australia. We are trying to balance each other in a very complex pose, but we completely fail to do so, resulting in one of us hitting the deck. Luckily, we both laugh!

Yoga would come to change our lives forever.  As our Yoga practice improved, not only did our friendship rise to new levels but we became business partners with a shared vision. Who would have thought that an Argentinean and an Englishman could leave their country history behind and become best friends.

Some years, and many miles down the road, we were practising together as we regularly did when the realisation came to us: the yoga clothes we were using sucked. Not only that, but they were also made from crap. We believed someone needed to offer something different. So we took the lead, and during a trip to India, we created SAMVEGA.

Combining our talents, we were able to merge yogic wisdom and business principles – thus SAMVEGA was born. Our mission: to offer high quality, well designed products with a big social and ethical impact.