Only Ever Ethical

We want to offer more ethical choices for consumers; that means we only work with responsible suppliers and manufacturers who pay Fair Trade salaries, work hard to minimise wastage and use eco-friendly materials. It is well documented that the fashion industry is responsible for huge amounts of waste and unethical practices, with cheap, throw away products spilling onto the market every day.

Our Manufacturer

We are so proud to work with truly amazing manufacturers. All our clothing and fabrics are created in India, and we have personally visited each and every one of our suppliers. WORK + SHELTER is our clothing manufacturer, based in Northern Delhi. They are an NGO, set-up to help employ, train, educate and support
women in the area, while paying ALL their employees Fair-Trade salaries. We have visited them multiple times, been welcomed into their family and witnessed at first hand the amazing changes they are making.

A word of advice: Visit them while they are having lunch or chai break and you won’t regret! For more info visit:

Our Fabrics

All our fabrics are created from recycled Polyester yarn (made from landfill plastic waste) and Organic Cotton. It was important for us to have all our initial products made from either recycled or Organic materials. We have no room for compromise when it comes to these principles. 

Due to the active nature of our products we had to have an element of polyester and stretch to ensure the performance of the garments. We are however aware that using plastic is not fully sustainable, and we are already looking into non-plastic alternatives. If you have any advice, please contact us.